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Welcome! Edge Wiki is a comprehensive wiki site documenting the franchise and universe of the sci-fi first person shooter game, Edge. It was created and maintained by the developers themselves to document anything and everything created for the game's franchise. Anything put on here by the developers is official, can't get any more authentic than that.

The Edge franchise is unrated, but likely to be T (Teen) or possibly even M (Mature). Is not recommended for audiences under the age of 13 for ratings for Teen, or under the age of 18 for ratings for Mature.
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A universal war has been declared by the Council against ravenous savages called the Shrouden, and one individual named Vezoth. "Edge" is what they call this universe, and there's a wall around it to contain and deal with these dangers one universe at a time. Pretty much everyone's involved with the war, humans working together with other alien species to fight off the Shrouden. The Egons are organisms that need heat to stay alive. They absorb it through heat absorbing cables, which functions like veins. A draw back is they can't go to cold areas. Though, they can swim in lava! They can also do an insta-kill of heating their hand, and punch-burning though someone else. This species is currently under the command of Halvalrk. These guys have the firepower to blow up shit. The Sidrigs are a short, plant like organism. They are quite fast and noble. Down side is, they can't go to areas with enormous gravity, as it will crush them. They can neuro-hack other organisms, killing them instantly. These guys are under the command of Servon. Sidrig ships are used a lot for rescuing as they can get in and out of battle pretty fast. The Wisps are the largest of the three and can hover above the ground. They are stealthy, as they do not touch the ground, and can go invisible for a short time. Downside is, being radioactive, you can still find one if you use inferred scopes. They are strong enough to up punch off someone's head. These guys are under command of Xrverin. Wisps have the stealth to sneak up and spy on enemies.

EDGE: Universal War is a game being made by Xendric Interactive. It has not been released yet.

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